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Nexans WINDLINK® reliable power accessories for wind turbines

Nexans Australmold now have available for release the 2016 edition of the Nexans WINDLINK® range of cable accessories suitable for Windfarm applications.

With many years of local experience in Australia and New Zealand in the renewable energy sector, we have logistics, engineering, training, testing and assembly capability to help you delivery your project on time.

Nexans Power Accessories is the leading European specialised innovator, manufacturer and distributor of low, medium and high voltage accessories as well as mechanical connectors and cable lugs. With NEXANS and EUROMOLD™ we are a European market leader for medium and high voltage accessories. We provide a complete range of power accessories for energy distribution networks: pre-moulded EPDM rubber connectors and silicone terminations for cables, epoxy bushings for transformers and switchgear, a wide range of cold and heat shrinkable terminations and joints up to 170 kV, customised jumper cables for low and medium voltage applications and junction cabinets/pillars.

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