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New range-taking mechanical cable lugs for low voltage power cables up to 240MM²

Nexans Australmold have launched the new D-Series Mechanical Lug from Nexans GPH.


Nexans Australmold 30 years Milestone in Australia

Melbourne, Australia, July 23, 2015– 

Australmold was incorporated in July 1985, and is now celebrating 30 years in Australia.

As a family company, founded by Mr. Keith Armstrong (formerly of NHP), the beginnings were humble. 


Medium voltage cable preparation tools for power cable accessories

We have selected a range of Medium Voltage cable preparation tools made in Germany and USA, available separately or as a kit in a high impact safe case. Tools available are for removing the outer sheath, scoring and stripping Semi-Con, removing the XLPE insulation and chamfering XLPE insulation.


New Nexans MV mechanical connectors up to 1200 mm2

Nexans Australmold have released new range-taking mechanical shear bolt connectors and cable lugs for Medium Voltage (3.3kV - 33kV) applications suitable for aluminum power cables from 800mm2 to 1200mm2 and for copper cables from 630mm2 to 1000mm2.


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