Nexans and Marais unite their forces for the largest onshore wind farm in Australia

Nexans Olex and Marais Laying Technologies have partnered together to create a unique collector cable design for the Stockyard Hill project – the largest onshore wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere.

Published on 07 January 2019


As part of its complete end-to-end service Nexans Olex subsidiary Nexans Australmold, the Power Accessories Business Unit in Australia is supplying the underground junction cabinets for the cables, the indoor terminations for the substation connections and the tower end ring main unit (RMU) connections.


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MONO Heatshrink Terminations (up to 42kV)

The Nexans MONO Terminations are a one tube solution on XLPE insulated polymeric cables with copper wire or copper tape screens. They consist of a dual-wall tube that has an inner stress control and outer anti-tracking layer.

Published on 01 November 2018


This design enables an easy and quick install, reducing installation time and errors.



  • MONOi (Indoor) and MONOe (Outdoor) versions available
  • Product range available for single and three core cables
  • Accommodate cable up to 630mm²
  • Available with either crimp or mechanical shear off lugs
  • Available in 12kV, 24kV, 36kV & 42kV
  • Separate kit for armoured cables available
  • Compact overall length compared to older technologies
  • Type Tested to Cenelec HD 629.1 S2 and AS4805.1
  • 200kV BIL Rated


Typical applications include installations were space is limited like compact switchgear.

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Watch the installation video:  INDOOR / OUTDOOR


Nexans launch an innovative compact interface “A” 250 amp connector for Medium Voltage equipment.


Nexans Australmold have released to the market the latest MV connector development from their Nexans Euromold factory in Belgium.


Published on 13 March 2018


The 200LR and 200SR are the new interface “A” connectors designed, engineered and manufactured by Nexans. They have all the advantages you expect from the EUROMOLD® product line: sturdy EPDM connectors with a tough 3 mm thick semi-conductive screen, quality and reliability assured by an automated production process and 100% factory testing. These new separable elbows and straight connectors are designed to connect XLPE and EPR Medium Voltage cables to equipment. Typical applications are connecting to distribution transformers, switchgear and motors. These connectors are available up to 24kV 250amp, suitable for cables up to 95mm ².


  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • One size fits all
  • Eco design


The new Interface “A” connectors are backwards compatible to the industry standard and the smallest footprint when installed, to accommodate the latest compact equipment clearances.


Nexans Australmold also supply these connectors installed on cable as custom pre-assembled cable leads from our Melbourne test and assembly facility.


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